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There is alot to know about the biggest TTRPG event in history! 

Where is the event?

     Provo Towne Centre Mall. Located in Provo Utah.

What time is the game starting?

     We haven't announced a full event calendar, however here are some general times, subject to change!

          9am-4pm- Registration, small events, panels, meet and greet

          4pm-8pm- Game time!

Any Travel Restrictions?

     Parking is free around the mall! The UTA also is a free bus service that drops off right outside! If you are traveling from out of state, that is a free option to travel, and there are quite a few hotels along University with quick access to the bus!

Will this be a Guinness world record like the last time?

     We love Guinness and what they did for us, but they are a business and charge for their service. Instead we are taking the money spent on them, and hoping to turn this into the greatest game we can! (hopefully one day someone is brave enough to break our record, if so we will have to reclaim our glory!)

2 Days?! What's that about?

     Yes! Friday will be the battle against the Dark Prince in his Dark Realm, Saturday will be a battle against the Divine Prince in his Divine realm! Two separate days 2 different sieges to be apart of. 

     The 2 days allows us to do a few things. It allows more players the chance to play (if you work Saturday you can come to the Friday game hopefully). It also allows us to seat more players. We are somewhat limited by our venue, so hosting it on 2 days doubles the amount of players who can play. We recommend you and your party choose 1 day to come and play, not both. Unless you are really wanting to roll some dice, join one day, and watch the livestream on the other.

Are the battles connected?

     Yes, and no. Think of star wars, during the finale they usually have 2 or 3 battles going on at the same time, in different places. That's what will be going on here. During the livestream you can get the chance to see how the different days will effect each other, but if one of the days ends in a total TPK (just imagine) it will not diminish the other days results. It will give us a chance to tell such a unique and interactive story!

Why are you charging for the game? Last year was free?

     Last year we had no clue the attendance and attention we would get. We also had no clue if the game itself would be fun. We had so many things that could have failed, and we would have hated to charge people for a dud experience. Also last year we relied on merch sales and store sales to pay back for the cost. However when all was said and done, we had lost a fair bit of money. 

     This year we want to invest in a sound system to make the event way better. We want to livestream the event so those who cant attend can tune in. We want to pay the actors, writers, and crew who help us. To be blunt, putting on this event costs money, and we want to keep improving and growing this event. We hope to make this event so big that we are forced to change venues, and make it even better next year! We worked hard to keep ticket prices low, we are not spending money willy nilly, as a small company we know how important it is to pinch pennies when you can. 

Any new attractions?

     This year we are super excited to bring in The Duke from one shot questers. Not only will they be attending the event, but they will be playing one of the main characters in the adventure and will be table crashing other tables!      

Dice-Holding-Headshot-PNG (1).png

We are hoping to have some more exciting things to announce in the way of attractions as we get closer to the event. We are working our butts off to do some things that have never been done in the TTRPG space. I'm so excited (and stressed) at what news we are hoping to announce later!

Did I miss anything?
     Probably! If you have any specific questions you can join our discord right down below! I'm in it and you can ask me directly! Can't wait to see you at the dead wars!

~Andy - Tavern Owner

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